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Well, what shall I say... I am a dreamy, open-minded, intelligent, humorous individual, with a unusual mix of interests, hobbies and personality traits. I'm not very mainstream.

I am a geek, a dweller of the imagination: I love works of fantasy and science-fiction, especially the truly good ones, be they books, movies, anime, or even computer games. Speaking of games, I also like competitive, multiplayer games, so I am all-around avid gamer. I enjoy intellectual challenges in general, and in particular computer and programming stuff, my field of work.

Nonetheless, I love martial arts, Yoga, dancing, exercise, and a few other activities which are physically (and also mentally) challenging, fun, and intense. I would kick ass at any of those, if it weren't for having a spine problem which prevents me from fully practicing those hobbies, which really sucks :( . Still I manage ok. I am also plagued by narcolepsy though, meaning I never have really good sleep.

Also, I'm a health freak: vegetarian and straight-edge. I deslike social events that revolve around drinking and getting drunk. I like dancing (in clubs, see musical tastes below), even though I pretty much suck at it. I've being taking some dance classes, so hopefully I'll get better at that ^^.