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Goals for 2012 - Revised

An update on my plans for the next year or so ( https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150374614287495 )

First, a look back on the last 3 months. They have been quite awesome, and I've done a lot of awesome stuff and met cool new people! I also had a few notable personal "achievements" (most notably first time making out a stranger, hehe :3 :3 ). But I also spent a lot of time in wasteful ways, and I didn't advance other long terms goals much. Particular harsh were binges of various sorts that had an awful knock-on effect on my general productivity the next days. Working freelancer, one needs to be careful about these things.

  • First resolution, Poker: I've decided to stop playing poker, until "further notice". I like poker and played a lot in the last months, but it took way too much time and emotional energy, and although I was getting better, I wasn't getting good enough. To really apply myself to poker in the way that I want, I would need to devote even more time and effort. It would be like a second job, so I'm not willing to do that any time soon, so I will shelve it indefinetely: only when my main programming work goals are complete will I consider going back to poker. There is going to be a minor exception to this, I may play a little bit under specific circumstances, an exception I shall name the "Leicester rule" (I won't bother explaining it, but it has to do with girls :P ).
  • Main work goal - work on DDT (http://www.eclipselabs.org/p/ddt), reach milestone 1.0, and maybe work on other IDEs. I also wanted to work on an LOLCode IDE project before April 1st, but I don't think I will have the time for that.
  • Weekly habits - On Sundays, do less work and chores, play *games* more, watch a movie or so, relax, have enough geeky fun and rest to start the week in full. Maybe even bring back the ocasional Yogic relaxation session. It may seem strange that I make a resolution to actually have *more* fun and less work (it's usually the other way around), but, for various reasons, it has been happening that sometimes in Sundays I let the day pass, I get distracted, I don't enjoy myself that much, or in the best wa... and then I go to bed late, and often feeling a bit "restless" because of not having enjoyed the day, and start Mondays on a half-pace (and sometimes not at all).
  • Speaking of games - finish Final Fantasy VII ... it's about damn time... ~_~;
  • Dance wise - I would still love to go back to Body Jam classes, but there are still none nearby. :( I will have to rethink my plans for this after Jan, as then there might be new classes in central Virgin Active gyms opening. I will definitely join them if they do, otherwise I will have to think of something else. Maybe I will join the Street Dance class in the Notting Hill gym.
  • Gym - make sure I do weight training at least 3 times a week. I should think/read more about nutrition and technique after I get this regimen stabilized (I lost a lot of workout days in the last months due to the binges and winter colds). My ultimate desire here would be to get a six-pack, but this can be quite hard and I can't yet say I am *commited* to this. (don't want to give up my sugar addiction :P) I do want to try get closer to this goal, as much as I can. In concrete terms I will need to do more cardio exercize, but I'm not sure what plans to make for this, as cardio is usually quite boring. Getting back to those dance classes would be great, but otherwise I would need something else. Let's just start with the regular 3 times a week training for now, and getting plent of rest.
  • Tattoos - Not much I can do to further this goal at this point...Want to have more Laser Hair Removal done.
  • Cosplay - Want to cosplay Max Payne this year, aiming to get it done for the next MCM Expo (May). At most for the second MCM Expo (September). Also want to do the costume for a Nick (Left 4 Dead 2) cosplay. I might not use it at at convention/expo, but with so many possible zombie events (Zombie walk, 2.8 Hours Later), it's cool costume to have for these other events! I have few other cool ideas for zombie events, but I will only commit to Nick costume for now.
  • Additional goal - Try a psychedelic drug in 2012. Yes, really, I've been curious about entheogens for quite a long time. I'll probably start with Salvia divinorum - which apparently is legal in the UK, fortunately.