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Goals for the next year or so...

Summer is over, and also it wasn't too long ago that I turned 28, so I
have been a bit pensive lately about things. I've been feeling a bit
rudderless in the last few months and I want to get back on track, make
some personal improvements. So I decided to set some tasks and goals for
the near future.

Goals for the next year or so...  (dated Sept 2011)

  • Improve and maintain sleep and food discipline. (eating healthy, going to bed at proper times and with appropriate mood)
  • Resume medical investigation about my spine and other musculoskeletal issues. See if there is room for improvement.
  • Get a tattoo. Need to think about this a lot: search possible designs, consider tattoo locations on the body, etc..
  • Resume dance classes to a regular level, keep doing at least one per week. Preferably Body Jam.
  • Improve
    my fitness regimen, make it a bit more structured. Learn about fitness
    nutrition. Work towards a six-pack (that one is really damn hard).
  • Improve my poker game. Improve gameplay and strategies, but more importantly: handle tilt better.
  • Resume Japanese lessons. Finish either Rosetta Stone's level I, or Let's Learn Japanese Basic I video lessons. Preferably both.
  • Do
    cosplay again. Maybe reprise Neo (need to redo that costume), but do at
    least another character (such as Max Payne, or Nick from Left 4 Dead
  • Release version 1.0 of DDT, a version with major issues and
    functionality implemented and fleshed out. DDT (D Development Tools) is
    an open-source project I've been working on - www.eclipselabs.org/p/ddt,
    a continuation of my MSc. Thesis and main career path.
  • Learn about Android development. See if it is worthwhile to pursue as a CV and complementary career option.
  •  Learn
    how to drive, get a driver's license. Drive at least once on both the
    UK and continental Europe (that is, try driving on both lanes).

Tall order... better get started! o_o'