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Take a look at this article:


"[...] of Osaka University in Japan have developed a new child robot platform called Affetto. Affetto can make realistic facial expressions so that humans can interact with it in a more natural way."

And see for yourself the video:

... *whoa*... Japan, there really is no place like you... -_-'

It's like Ghost In The Sell: Innocence or something... Man, I had thought the societal aspects of such a world (where humans where barely distinguishable from dolls, and almost everyone cared little about it) were far-fetched, but it actually seems people are actively seeking to create such a similar world, at least in some regards.
I mean, if it was just the realistic sex dolls, I could understand, even in the case of the guys who dress them and talk to them and pretend they are real people. Understand in the sense that it is not surprising: it's a sexual and psychological perversion, but those have always existed, probably will always exist, and more importantly, always have been confined to the fringes of society.
But, like, babies?? Simulating human interaction with babies? It's a whole new level of crazy, but Japanese people don't seem to see it that way. Note that this isn't some crazy guy doing some weird shit on his free time in his basement. That very much looks like a complicated project, requiring resources and funding, a therefore, likely a commercial or scientific motivation behind it as well. Disturbing...